Today we touch on a topic that is little talked about, but that has a great influence on the general feeling of potential buyers who visit your home: bad smells.

The underlying problem is, who lives in it doesn’t realize it because they’ve gotten used to it. For for those who enter from outside, however, it can muddy the experience and negatively influence decision-making. 

Which areas of the house are most prone to odors?

The kitchen is, perhaps, the focus of greater risk, food stored inadequately, the last cooking session..  not to mention the compartment under the sink, which often houses the garbage can and/or detergents and chemical disinfectants sometimes difficult to ignore.

The refrigerator can be an unpleasant surprise if food accumulates for too long. Important factor, our little 4-legged friends. Also, let’s keep the bathroom and the shoemaker clean. 

In general, the wear of the years can offer us walls and furniture impregnated with the most varied smells. Cigarette smoke is a great enemy if we want to present our house to anyone who considers buying it.. We must not forget that carpets and curtains contain dust and odors in general.

Another source of bad odors, is the dust on the bulbs: every time you light them, the dust literally cooks, spreading a strange stench to the basement.

How are bad smells eliminated in the house?

In addition to opening the windows to air, and dust (bulbs included) there are several tricks you can adopt, without using detergents or artificial products, too aggressive for our health. We will opt for natural remedies. 

Let’s see them one by one:

Boil a tablespoon of white vinegar for a few minutes: it not only absorbs odors but cleans the environment.
You can eliminate the smells of your house by boiling water by squeezing the juice of 2 lemons for half an hour.

If you do not want to boil, just fill a glass of vinegar and water and leave one day in the room you want to heal.

Consider also the opportunity to use natural essential oils, which you can diffuse into the air with a jet of water. In particular, eucalyptus essential oil has an antiviral and anti-bacterial action. It’s also good advice for dinners, if someone smokes in the house.

Shoes can be treated by spreading thick salt or baking soda over a day.

Under the sink, and even at the bottom of the trash can, you can put a cotton ball with a few drops of water and baking soda, or here essential oil of eucalyptus, lemon or citronella.

You can dry fresh flower leaves and herbs, put them in a cloth bag and leave them on a piece of furniture.

If you want to eliminate the smell of fish, or vegetables, you can take a slice of bread, dip it in water in a pot and bring it to a boil.

To degrease the baking sheet there is nothing like spreading baking soda and then passing a half lemon directly to the surface. It is also valid for kitchen tiles such as those in the shower.

Baking soda is also good for the fridge. Grab a plate and pour a small amount of baking soda into the fridge.

Wash the curtains in the washing machine, treat the carpets with a vacuum cleaner, and put them in the sun for half a day. If it’s not enough, get one of those steam engines for a deeper cleaning. If the bad smell doesn’t go away, or if you have animals in the house, you can perform on the carpets once again with our friend baking soda. You spray a good amount all over the carpet and you leave it on all night, then you vacuum it.

The general advice is to remain neutral, trying to eliminate odors but without adding more. We do not know the taste of visitors, so absence of smell is better than sum of smells.

However, a trick that always works to create a positive atmosphere is to pour a few drops of vanilla into an empty tray and bake for a few minutes at 100 degrees, a few minutes before the scheduled time of the visit. At home you’ll smell like freshly baked cake.

How can I deeply remove smells in the house?

To go deeper, there are small routine maintenance interventions:

1.If you think that the paint on the walls is still in good condition and if the walls are washable, try to remove the stains by gently rubbing a sponge from which to wash the dishes, with a little bio detergent and a few drops of water. You will be surprised by the effect, especially on the walls of the stairs, where we always touch with our hands.

2.If you can afford to cool off on the walls, it’s always for the best. It greatly contributes to eliminate smells, in addition to giving a new image to the whole house.

3. Returning to the bulbs, if you still have the filament bulbs, we recommend you to change them for adjustable LED bulbs, or for the new Biovitae, the first LED bulb that eliminates up to 99.8% of viruses and bacteria, effectively controls their proliferation, just keeping it switched on. It sanitizes environments and surfaces and acts in synergy with the immune system.

There are many other tips to keep the house in perfect condition, follow us on our Captoras blog and you will discover how to keep the value of your home high. If you have any advice to share on how to eliminate smells in the house, comment below or email us:

Photo by Richárd Ecsedi on Unsplash

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