There is a major problem that affects a high percentage of estate agents and the vast majority of real estate intruders: the continuous state of emergency in which they find themselves. THEY HAVE TO GAIN MONEY. Clearly we also have to, but extreme urgency to settle accounts can become your problem because it is reflected especially in 2 aspects of the sales process:


Given the rush, lowering the price is the easiest thing to do. Yet, not always the best…


Working ‘random’, taking homemade photos and NOT filtering potential buyers, not only leads to a degradation of the image of your property in the long run, but rather devalues it and, above all, the number of useless visits multiplies in an exhausting way.


Our approach goes in exactly the opposite direction: we help you maintain the value of your property.

Statistics to hand, 95% of properties are sold between 10 and 20% below their market value. Too bad no one ever thinks to tell you that, with some no-cost provisions and minor interventions of less than 3%, your property would have sold at its maximum value.

For example, for a property worth £100,000, it means spending between £3,000 and £5,000 to gain £15,000 to £17,000.

Our experience over the years has led us to develop an efficient 7-step method of assessing the value of your property in order to condition it and put it on the market at the highest possible price, ensuring it sells within an agreed date.

Why should I choose you?

Because we are not in the business of  collecting a commission from the sale of your property.

We are in the business of maintaining and protecting the value of your property.

How are you going to help me?

We assign you a tutor who accompanies you step by step, throughout the process, from the initial visit to the deed of sale. The professionals in our office will coordinate with third parties: lawyers of the buyer, architects, official bodies, cadastre and municipalities as well as involving private suppliers, bank managers and notaries.

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Do you have a natural talent for understanding other people?

Does your aesthetic sense allow you to improve spaces like no one else in the world?

If you’re attracted to the idea of making money by turning your passion into a profession…

Become a Real Estate Tutor!

We are looking for minds who have an eye for taking care of properties.

Help us keeping its value high over time by advising their owners about how to best manage its maintenance.