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Pattern space with perception 1/3: lighting

The perception of space by the human eye is influenced by light, and although it changes with the alternation of day and night, it remains a valuable ally to give new life and unexpected dimensions to the environments of your home…

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Chemical paints at home: an invisible enemy to our health

We spend 85% of our time indoors, and that’s why today I want to draw your attention to another ‘invisible’ topic, after my article on smells: painting. I mean the paintings that cover your walls, furniture and practically all the objects in your apartment. What do we breathe in our homes?

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How to train to win the fight for the value of your home

There are some things that it would be useful to understand, if you want to sell your house, as you will face a number of well-prepared opponents in real estate valuations. It’s gonna be like a wrestling match, and if you’re not prepared, you’re gonna really hurt yourself.

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