I want to know more!

Our process to sell your property in 7 steps includes the sequence of actions aimed at increasing its value, to obtain the maximum possible price on the market.

A tutor will lead you throughout the process with the clear mission of protecting this value against any negotiating attempt.

Such actions will allow us to find a suitable buyer within a given deadline.

What are the specific characteristics of your process?
  • It is clear, it eliminates doubts and suspicions beforehand.
  • It is specific, it focuses on a real evaluation with precise tools.
  • It is structured, it contemplates a progression of very concrete steps.


You will always know what is going on, what we need to do, what you need to do. We’ve isolated and analyzed all the contingencies over the years, so today we have a solution for any obstacle that may come between us and the sale of your property.

What kind of experience am I about to have with you?

Your tutor will minimize the worry and discouragement that the sale process brings in itself, keeping you informed, offering alternatives and absorbing the most stressful moments.

We will ease the direct consequences on the people who live in your property making the visits fun for them!

Did you know that 95% of properties are being sold between 10 and 20% below their value?

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We can visit your property and set out a plan of actions to increase its value, before launching it on the market.