I am Raquel Ramallo, Managing Director of Captoras, welcome to our world! I guess you’re thinking about selling your property. I understand how does it feel like. You may feel uncertain whether you’ll be able to sell, and at what price…

If you want to do it by yourself, it is important to know that you will face a series of well-prepared opponents. It’s going to be like a fight, and soon you’ll find that the risks you’re taking aren’t worth it.

Alternatively, you can ask for our help.

We’ve been dealing with this for 22 years: knowing how to capture the value of your home. This is the meaning of the term ‘captoras’ in Spanish. We will be guardians of its value, we will fight for his defense… we will be your tutors.

Our experience has led us over the years to develop an efficient 7-step method to determine the value of your property, to enhance it and to propose it at the highest possible price, making sure it ends in safe hands, within an agreed date.

For this feminine protective instinct we were inspired by the Amazons, the prototype of a warrior woman defending the weak. According to ancient representations, they fought on horseback and on foot, and as a defense they used the ‘pelta’, a crescent-shaped shield. That’s why we chose the shield as the symbol that fully represents us.

Meet our team of ‘captoras’. You’ll find their languages, so you can feel comfortable speaking your native tongue. Trust them, whatever the reason, if you’ve decided to sell your house it must be for something important and I want to assure you 100% that you can make it with us.


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